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About Me

Born in Malaysia, I bring a unique, authentic, and cultured cadence to my narration. Although my Asian Pacific roots remain proud, I now reside in sunny Sacramento, bringing the warmth of California to my listener, wherever they may reside. When not in my home studio, my volunteer work as a Crisis Textline Counselor has helped cultivated a nurturing, trustworthy delivery and a passion for wellness, recovery and self-help material.

My decades as a project manager in the IT sphere give me the skills to tame complex technical narration, computer science and the perspective of women navigating the world of business. In the realm of fiction, I’m particularly drawn to historical and juvenile titles, horror and romance.


I love to combat the sedentary hours in the booth and feed my inner adventure-heroine with an active lifestyle consisting of rowing, yoga geocaching, Pilates and I have hang-glided from 10,000 feet! From characters feisty or refined, I have developed strong relationships with independent authors across a variety of genres. I loves gardening, but

I’m terrified of worms!

RODE NT1 Cardioid Condenser microphone

RODE SMR Shock Mount

PreSonus Revelator IO 24 Interface

Studio One version 6 DAW & RX10

Apple IPAD

Audio Technica Headphone

My Recording Equipment


Sean Allan Pratt, graduate of non-fiction curriculum

Joel Froomkin, graduate of Acting for Audio Level 1 course

PJ Ochlan, masterclass workshops

Andi Arndt & Ronnie Butler, Narrator.Life  Narrators Retreat 

Johnny Heller & Jo Anna  Perrin, Refining Demo workshops

Matthew Lloyd Davies, Narrator. Life 21 day challenge course 

Shannon Elizabeth Parks,  Character Studies

Dana Dae, Narrator weekly workouts 

Training and Workshops

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